About Us

Welcome! Let me tell you a about our website and it's history.

Our Website:

Our website has a lot of Vending information on it, but is organized into easy to navigate sections. There is a menu bar across the top of all pages and each section on the menu has a drop down menu to get quickly to anywhere on our site. Let's take a quick look at all the different information we have:

  • Our Vending Forum is vendors helping vendors with advice on repair and other vending business topics.
  • Our Vending Library is has free service manuals, e-books, vending business guides and much more.
  • Our Vending Directory has a listing of vending businesses in the industry, by State and Category. Complete with Name, addresses, phone numbers and website URLs.
  • Our Vending Classified Ads has free vending for sale ads and wanted ads.
  • Our Vending News section has links to the latest news in the vending business.

Our History:

We started in the vending business (decades ago) and like a lot of vendors starting out we bought used machines and they rarely came with service manuals. So even simple things like setting up the machines (setting prices or configuring for cans or bottles) was difficult. We had to learn everything by trial and error. There was no where to ask repair questions, unless you called a vending repair technician and they charged $50+ hour($75 today) for service calls. Manufacturers didn't sell service manuals for their older machines anymore. A few parts places would sell you a copy of a manual for $40, but you needed a different manual for each machine, it added up quickly. Then along came the internet.

We originally just wanted to have repair forum to help small vendors and private machine owners repair their vending machines and ask questions without having to spend a fortune. That section of our website has been on the web for about 5 years. We were hosted on the back pages of www.Vending-LA.com, our vending service company, for several years under the tab(section name) Vend Forum. We used bulletin board forum software back then, but it proved to be limiting, so in time we changed over to a content management system. This enabled us to expand and create a library section with business guides, manuals, statistics and etc. We were still on Vending-LA Services back pages but we changed our section name to Vend Resource. As we continued to grow it became clear we needed our own website and so www.Vend-Resource.com was born.

We have expanded our forum, library sections and classified ads as well as added a vending business directory. All to serve you, our users, better.

Our goal for the future is to be your one stop for all vending machine business information. We would like all of your vending questions to start with our website first.

Thank you,

fdg123 - admin